The Erasion Effect

The Erasion Effect - $24

Steve just loves his whited-out slave temp. Since bringing her home from the office after inadvertantly erasing her mind (see Temporary's Memory Loss) he can't stop playing with her, to the point where he's neglecting his multi-million dollar business. One day while she's riding his hard cock in the bedroom, the doorbell rings. It's her roommate come looking for her. After B.S.'ing roomie and sending her back home, he and his slave follow her to her apartment, and erase her mind as well. Now he's got two slaves to play with. He may never go into the office again.

First he commands the brainless bitches to strip naked and feel each other up. Then he orders each slave to eat the other one's snatch. Next he puts them on the kitchen table and round robin penetrates their pussies. Playtime ends with his thralls rotating between sucking his dick and sucking his balls. Then he covers them in his white sperm, so their faces match their white eyes.

Anina Silk returns with MC Stash House legend Sicilia playing her sexy roommate.

Running time: 43 minutes including movie and interview. This episode is available in two newly compressed HD versions: 1920 x 1080 at 7,000 kbps and 640 x 360 at 4,000 kbps for mobile devices.

ATTENTION: I had to use an older compression codec for this movie, while my computer is in the shop. So it may not play on some versions of QuickTime Player. But it will play on VLC Player for sure!!!

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