I Saw Steve Steele Fucking Mrs. Claus

This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum

"I Saw Steve Steele Fucking Mrs. Claus" stars Luna Corazon as Mrs. Claus and Mia Evans as her mindless dollified victim. The movie begins with Steve lamenting to some stuffed animals on his bed that he broke the nutcracker doll he'd received the previous Christmas, and he mentions that he has asked Santa for a new doll this year. He realizes that he has to get into bed and go to sleep or Santa will not come.

We then cut across town, where we see the very attractive Mia Evans taking a shower. As she's getting ready for her big night out in the mirror, Mrs. Claus sneaks into the bathroom behind her and cranks up a music box. Mia hears "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" playing from the music box and it has a magical effect on her. She complains that her mind is fuzzy, and soon she is frozen in place with a smile stuck on her face. Mrs. Claus comes out of hiding and dresses her up in doll clothes, complaining about how a grown man like Steve is still asking for dolls for Christmas. She then programs her with a remote control, and she is ready to go. Mrs. Claus is wearing a very short and sexy Christmas outfit that shows off her beautiful legs.

Back at Steve's place, he wakes up because he has to take a piss. He worries that if he's awake pissing when Santa arrives, he'll leave without giving him his present. While he's in the bathroom, Mrs. Claus shows up with Steve's new doll and complains that he's nowhere to be found. Frustrated, she commands the doll with the remote to sit down on the bed. She sits leaning back against the pillows with her frozen smile stuck on her face and her tiny skirt lifting up to expose her shaved pussy. As Steve returns to his bedroom, he bumps into Mrs. Claus on her way out. He convinces her to stick around long enough for him to test his new doll, because his last one broke after fucking her in the ass only twice.

Steve is very pleased with his new doll when he comes in to check her out. Mrs. Claus complains about her husband and how he hasn't touched her in years, so Steve tries to convince her to stick around and party with him and his new doll, and he can give her the sexual satisfaction she craves. She has Christmas duties to attend to, so she leaves, but he tells her she should come back later after all the presents are delivered. Steve marvels over his doll and comments that she's so realistic she feels like a real person. He commands his doll to stand up and turn around while he explores her body (which is not very well covered up by her doll costume). He commands her to remove her top and she does so with jerky, robotic movements.

He commands the doll to dance for him, which she again does in those jerky, robotic movements with her smile never leaving her face. Steve fingers her pussy for a while as she lays frozen in place, silently smiling at him. Eventually Steve orders the doll to assume the blowjob position, and she gives him a hand job through his boxers to get him hard before sucking his dick. The robot sucks his dick for a while when Mrs. Claus returns. She explains that she got back so quickly because they have a time machine to deliver the presents with. Mrs. Claus goes wild when she sees the doll sucking Steve's dick, saying that she hasn't seen a dick in years. She commands the doll to get off his cock and kneels down to enthusiastically suck Steve's dick. She deep throats Steve, who then wants to see if the doll can do that, so they trade places for a bit. He then has the doll sucks his balls while Mrs. Claus sucks his dick some more.

Steve then convinces Mrs. Claus to share his dick with the doll (he wants to play with his new toy), so he has the doll ride him cowgirl while Mrs. Claus sits to the side and watches, masturbating. You get a very nice view of the doll's beautiful smoothly shaved pussy as she rides Steve's cock. Then it's Mrs. Claus's turn, and she climbs on top of Steve and enthusiastically fucks him cowgirl style. The doll sits motionless and smiling on the bed off to the side as she fucks him. After several moments of her riding his cock, Mrs. Claus asks Steve to fuck her in the ass, because that's something Santa would never do. Steve fucks her incredibly tight ass doggy style as she moans in pleasure. Mrs. Claus cums from the ass fucking and then sucks his dick for a moment. Steve cums on Mrs. Claus's face as the doll stares blankly right next to her. She commands the doll to lick the cum from her face, using the remote, which she obediently does.

Mia Evans does a fantastic job of being a mindless doll in this movie. She never says a single word after her transformation, she maintains that "blank but smiling" facial expression very well, and her movements are wonderfully jerky and robotic. And Luna Corazon is one of my favorite actresses Steve has ever had in his videos. She has such a nice figure and beautiful dark skin (and what an ass on her!). Her enthusiasm in this video is wonderful.