"Dr. Mesmer's Bluetooth Toy" stars Candee Licious as Dr. Mesmer's newest mind-controlled robot slave. The movie opens with Dr. Mesmer showing off his new device that can control a subject through an egg vibrator that connects them to a computer and a conversion suit that allows Dr. Mesmer to upload commands into their brain. He has arranged for a test with one of his students who shows up to protest a failing grade on her final. He tells her that if she volunteers to help him test his new invention the extra credit can bump her grade just up to passing, so she readily agrees.


She protests momentarily when she sees the revealing skin-tight conversion suit she'll have to wear, but relents when he reminds her that she still needs a passing grade for his class. She changes into the suit while Dr. Mesmer "averts his eyes", stealing peeks at her the whole time. Candee covers up the parts of her body that aren't covered by the suit as she sits in the chair. He has her insert the vibrating egg interface into her pussy and she immediately feels the energy flowing into her from the computer. Her eyes flutter and she announces "connection established" in a robotic monotone. She doesn't like the feeling of another presence in her head, but soon Dr. Mesmer is transferring data into her brain and she moans as her eyes roll back. She protests some more but Mesmer tells her that it's too late to stop now, because removing the device prematurely could permanently damage her brain.


Dr. Mesmer commands her to masturbate, and to her horror, Candee finds that her hand slides down and begins rubbing her pussy. He tells her when she orgasms, her mind will reset and she'll become his mindless fembot. Candee alternates between expressing fear over her situation and arousal from the masturbation. Her performance is fantastic as she goes from moaning in pleasure, looking worried, and then stating her current arousal level in robotic monotone. Her eyes go wide and her expression is blank as she speaks in her robot voice as well. Candee moans and smiles in satisfaction as she cums, but then her face droops, her mouth hanging open in a mindless expression. A moment later she is repeating that she is ready for programming in her mindless monotone.


She just needs some code uploaded to complete her transformation, and Dr. Mesmer reveals that his genetic code will finish the process. He has her get up on the desk and open her "vaginal access port" so that he can fuck her. She remains completely motionless and stares off into space as he does so. Shortly, Mesmer fills her with his code, her eyes go completely white, and she reports that "Unit 1-1-0 is ready for use, Master".


Mesmer puts his robot slave into blowjob mode and she gets on her knees and sucks his dick. He fine tunes her skills as she sucks him off so that her blowjob skills improve. As he has her do things like use her tongue on the tip or lick his balls, she repeats the commands in her robotic voice before she obeys. The blowjob goes on for quite a long time with Mesmer frequently tweaking the settings and having her change up what she's doing. He stops the blowjob prematurely when it starts to feel too good because he wants to test her pussy.


He commands her to ride his cock, so she gets on top and rides him in cowgirl position, occasionally giving status updates and replying in her robotic voice. I particularly love the shots where you can see her fully in frame riding on his cock with her blank white eyes wide open because she looks so utterly mindless. After she rides him on top for a while, he has her bend over the table so he can fuck her doggy style. Again, some wonderful shots here of her fully in frame with her blank expression, white eyes, and her mouth hanging open just enough to suggest that she has no thoughts going through her head.

Later Mesmer has her kneel before him so he can cum in her mouth, which she swallows obediently before shutting down. The video ends with someone knocking on Dr. Mesmer's back door--as he goes to investigate, a mysterious female figure breaks into his office and steals his conversion suit, with a title card promising that this story will be continued. I can't wait to see what happens next!


Candee looks AMAZING in her skin tight conversion suit and her blank expression and monotone voice are FANTASTIC. She looks incredibly hot in the contacts and keeps her eyes open wide so we can see how white and blank they are. This is one actress who absolutely "gets" this fetish and does everything just right in her performance. I seriously hope we see more of her in future Steve Steele productions because she has the potential to be one of the all-time greats.


- Madcap