Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ. If you’ve got a question, we’ve got an answer. Take a look at the FAQ below, and if you’re still not sure about the process, contact us and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.

What is The MC Stash House?

The MC Stash House is a pay-per-clip site that offers the highest quality content from these former sites: Erotic Transformation, Erotik Contax, POV Tranz4mation, The Mammary Collective and Sexed Up Superheroines. Our older titles have been upgraded and also discounted. So you are getting better quality at a lower price.

What’s the buying process?

1. Select the clip you would like by clicking the Buy Now button. This will connect to our secure payment processor.
2. Read our privacy notice and click through to the secure shopping cart.
3. Enter your billing information in our secure form, then click the Pay Now button.
4. You will be issued a user name and password. We advise that you write it down. Click through to our congratulations page. You will be asked to enter your un and pw at this time.
5. Choose the size and format you prefer. Some of our older movies only have one option. :( Depending on your browser you may be asked again to enter your un and pw.
6. Your movie will start to download. :)
7. You have 12 hours to download your content.
8. ATTENTION! You can only purchase one movie at a time. If you want another movie, start the process over for that movie.
9. ALSO, there is a two movie per day limit. This is a security measure against pirates who use multiple fake cards to order multiple movies. We know this is an inconvenince. it is even worse for us. But it is a necessary security measure. If you love our movies, and we hope you will, then come back tomorrow for more. :) Looking to try MC Stash House out? Check out our FREE CLIP!

Wait, access to the site expires?

In order for us to maintain the security of our content, we provide 12 hours maximum access to your download, and only one opportunity to download. If you have a problem and are unable to download, contact us with a detailed explanation, so we can trouble shoot, and help you to get your movie.

Are you going to automatically rebill me?

No! This is a pay-per-clip VOD site. You are only charged once for the movie you want.

Are you going to give me some fuzzy, watered down version of the videos?

All our newer titles were shot in true 1080p HD. For some of our older titles this is not the case. But they are compressed according to current standards in an attempt to give you the best content experience possible. These older titles are discounted to make up for any difference in quality.

More details:
• 1080p clips are 1920×1080, at 7,000kbps
• Mobile Clips are 640×360, at 4,000kbps

My questions weren’t answered in the FAQ. I need help, what do I do?

Contact Steve at the email address below. he will get back to you in less than 24 hours, but usually within the hour.