I Fucked The Law

I Fucked The Law - $23

Dolly is back! 'Cause you can't have a trilogy without a third movie. Girlfriend mode has made her so jealous, that she's deprogrammed Dolly Jr. and sent her away. That's the bad news. The worse news is DJ went to the cops, and they've sent a rookie police woman to Steve's place to investigate. At this point things can only get better, right? And they do! Newly programmed Domina Dolly sprays the officer with nanobots and turns her into a nano doll sex slave. Hurrah!

Dolly commands her new slave to suck Steve's dick. Thinking her technique is too gentle, she grabs her by the ears and forces her to suck him faster, harder and deeper, even making her gag and drool on his dick. It becomes a little more than Steve can handle. He's a sensitive, loving master after all. So he uses the remote to put Dolly into servile mode. He orders them both into the bedroom and into sexy lingerie, where he first fucks his new toy, while his old one stares happily at nothing. Then he demands a double doll blow job until he's ready to bust his nut on their pretty faces.

Nesty stars as Domina Dolly, as you've never seen her before. (She fucks the living shit out of Steve.) And petite cutie Bonnie Dolce in her MC fetish debut plays the rookie cop.

Running time: 33 minutes. This episode is available in 4K at 3840 x 2160. It's a big file approx. 5GB. If you have problems downloading, email me at support@mcstashhouse.com. But this is 2022, so I'm hoping all will go well. VIP: The file is not corrupt. If you can't unzip it, use 7zip.

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